Questions and Booking

Do you have any questions regarding your own specific needs or situation? Don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information below, or send a message using the form.
Please be advised that due to the new COVID-19 protocols and restrictions that walk-in inquires are no longer permitted.

No questions and you just want to book in? No problem! Just click the BOOK NOW link below and wait for an email notification to fill out the intake forms and COVID-19 prescreen. Or you can click on the download forms below, fill them out yourself and email them to the contact email below!

Please advise, that when you book in you will be sent the Covid-19 a Prescreening document that must be filled out and emailed to your practitioner 24 hours before your appointment. We appreciate your understanding and your patience through this time!

Send Us a Message

Intake Forms and COVID Prescreen

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