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Stay Safe, Protect yourself and others.
If you’re unsure if you have COVID-19, were exposed or have symptoms please fill out the Ontario Covid-19 Self-assessment below:

What is different in clinic?

Due to COVID-19 Masks are REQUIRED to wear upon entering the clinic. Laura will be wearing a 3-ply surgical mask, while patients are asked to wear a fresh new mask on each visit.

With the lifting of the Covid-19 protocols and restrictions, patients can now enter the clinic on their own and have a seat in the waiting area. If the door is locked, please kindly wait at the door and it will be opened for you.

Upon entering there will be sanitizer available for all patients to use before entering the treatment room. You are welcome to use the sink to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before the appointment as well.

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For more information on the COVID-19 protocol or to book an appointment please click below for the contact page

What is Laura doing to protect you and herself?

A prescreening document will be sent to all patients who have appointments scheduled. This MUST be completed 24 hours before your appointment. Furthermore, below is a list of other protocols she has implemented:

  1. A COVID-19 Prescreening is asked to be done 24hours prior to your appointments.
  2. Appointments are Staggered to reduce traffic between patients and to give Laura cleaning time. Between each appointment a thorough cleaning is done to the office space and treatment area (to ensure anything that has been touched or potentially could be touched is disinfected)
  3. Between each appointment she sprays her scrubs with 70% isopropyl alcohol, as she is in close proximity with each patient.
  4. She will be wearing a 3-ply mask at all times
  5. Everyone at each clinic location will continue to be practicing social distancing between each other (aside from the progression of treatment).
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Do you have questions about our Covid-19 protocol or are you interested in booking an appointment?



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